Bingo Guide – Why Play Bingo Online

February 10th, 2016


Online bingo offers heaps of advantages over traditional bingo. For example, you don’t have to leave home to play. You can play whenever and wherever you want. You can also play a greater variety of bingo games, which aren’t available at conventional bingo sessions.

Here’s our guide to playing bingo online

In online bingo, numbers are randomly generated and when a player can match the numbers generated to the numbers on their bingo card – they win and can claim BINGO! The winning pattern for each game is displayed before play begins.

How bingo works online

You can choose how many bingo cards you want to play in any game. These will be randomly selected for you by the software. On the majority of bingo sites, if you don’t like the numbers on any card issued to you – you can opt to swap it for another. Each game has its own display where you’ll see the winning pattern for that particular game and also a section where each number generated appears. Nearly all bingo sites offer either manual or auto daubing as an option for players.

You’ll also find a variety of other options available to players on most sites. Choose the shape and colour of your dauber, or choose auto-play features where you can preselect bingo cards that can be played even when you are not logged into the site.

How to play bingo

The random number generator on the site will automatically ‘call’ each number in turn (this was done using balls traditionally). In European games the total number of balls (numbers) is usually 90. This differs from US-based sites which tend to use 75 balls. As each number comes up – a player clicks the number off on their bingo card (or it will appear daubed automatically if in auto-daub mode). If you’re lucky enough to get the winning bingo pattern – you hit the BINGO button to claim your win.

How to improve your chances of winning online bingo

Remember it’s a game of luck – but you can also improve the odds in your favour by:

  • Playing more cards in each bingo session.
  • Finding games with set pots – but few players.
  • Checking out bingo chat rooms and forums to see other player’s recommendations.

Finally, although you should play bingo primarily just for the fun of it – there’s no worse feeling than winning the big jackpot only to discover that you can’t actually cash out. Before you begin playing bingo on any site for money, verify their payout method and make sure it works for you.

One last tip: for security reasons it makes good sense to use a PayPal account (most reputable sites accept PayPal) for any transactions on bingo sites. This avoids the need to disclose your credit card details.

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