Get A Fruity Play Experience With Fruitilicious

June 9th, 2017

About the game

Itis a casino game. This is a type of automated games and is designed for single player.  This game treats sharpen the craving of the player to win big winnings. Playing in this game is quite confused, but with the help of colorful slot machine, no direction is important the players merely need to land the three identical fruits in the same line. Players can land the fruits in the same line whether left to right or right to left, both are accepted. The winning streak of the player begins when the player makes 3 same fruits in a line.

In this Fruitilicious game, players will win the game when the symbols are land on the win lines in the correct combination. All the winning combinations are viewed in the paytable of the game. As soon as the player enters the game, the gaming session will begin. Every gaming sessions is an independent session and do not rely on another session. Also, the previous versions of this game have no influence on this current gameplay.

To start the game the player has to place a bet and the play ends when the player comes out of the application. The current game session also ends up when the player comes out of the application.

Rules of this game

The following are the play rules of this Fruitilicious game

  • The RTP is 95.00%
  • The maximum bet per session is the available credit in the player account of the player. Depositing in the player account is not possible while playing.
  • The minimum bet per round is €0.20
  • The maximum bet per round is €50
  • The maximum win amount in the gamble game is €5,000

Line numbers

There are 5 win lines in this game and the win lines cannot be altered.

Line wins

The player wins as any 3 identical symbols are land on the win lines. The line win begins on the first reel on the left side and it runs without any break along with the win line on the right side.

The players can set the bet per line for their next round by using the Bet/line button. But, this cannot be changed in free games. The paytable gives an overview of the winnings and it calculates the winning opportunities of the player automatically based on their stakes. To start a spin the players can use the Start button. Once the button is pressed, the game starts and the bet will be deducted from the credit. Players can use the Autoplay button to start the game and for getting some automatic spins. After the Autoplay button is pressed, the label of the button changes into Stop. If the player uses a mobile phone, then the player has to tap and hold on the Autoplay button for the automatic spin.

Then, release the button, to stop the spin. That is, the player has to click on the Stop button to stop the automatic spin. It is common for both mobile phones and desktops.

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