How To Play American or European Roulette

April 15th, 2016

Learning how to play roulette is quite easy. If you are a casino regular, you will observe there are two popular roulette wheel layouts in the casino: the American and the European roulette wheels. And both receive a great patronage from the players. On a practical note, if you just remove the a zero from the double zero on American wheel, then change the order of numbers, you will get European wheel. But have you ever thought of choosing the one that pays better? The page at gives a lot of great information about how to play roulette, and explains in detail which wheels are best.

Should You Play American Roulette?

It is a double wheel roulette game that has a total of 38 numbers which is sub divided into eighteen (18) red and (18) black numbers with two green numbers which is double zero (0,0), a five number bet that has the same pay-out with European roulette. The house edge is over 5%.

What is European Roulette?

It is a single wheel system of roulette that has a total of thirty seven numbers (37) which has a sub division of eighteen red and eighteen black numbers with a single green which is zero (0). But the house edge is around half of that with the American wheel. If you ever intend to play roulette professionally, it is very important to consider the odds and the house edge.

Differences between Playing American and European Roulette

1.American roulette is a double wheel with thirty eight numbers while European roulette is a single wheel with thirty seven numbers.

2.American roulette has double green numbers which is (00) while European roulette has single green number which is (0)

3.American roulette has a greater house edge which is 5.26% than European roulette which is 2.70%, in fact the house on American roulette is twice that of European roulette which place the casino manager at a greater profitable end than the player while the player is on a losing end the casinos is on a winning end.

4.If you observe the arrangement of number on American wheel keenly, you will observe that it is practically different from European numbering, It a grate point to note but may be American want to stand out that is why double zero was included so that the rearrangement of number on the wheel can different.

5.American roulette does not give room for en prison rule while en prison rule is a situation where you are allowed to repeat spinning if your bet landed on even or red and black which eventually rested on zero or gives a zero result is allowed in European roulette.

6.European roulette accommodate call bet/segmented or section bet which gives player a winning advantage like in neighbours bet where the surrounding number you place your bet on also has a wining chances when your bet wins on the other hand American roulette does not give this provision, it only has a 5 number bet which is in this category 1, 2, 3,0,00 you can see how dangerous this is for the player.
7.Odd on American roulette are worse while European roulette has a better paying odd.

8.The betting probability on American roulette is as follow: Even i.e red/black 47.4% ,Column 31.6%, Dozen 31.6%, Six Line 15.8%,Corner 10.5%, Street 7.9% , Split 5.3% and Straight 2.6% while the betting probability on European roulette is as follow: Even i.e red/black, 48.6%, Column 32.4%, Dozen 32.4%,Six Line 16.2%, Corner 10.8%, Street 8.1%, Split 5.4% and Straight 2.7%.

Advantages of Playing European Roulette

1.The single zero on European wheel makes playing the game to be flexible and fun to play

2.The minimal house edge on European roulette gives player a greater chance of having a good cash to take home

3.The en prison rule is a situation where you are allowed to repeat spinning if your bet landed on even or red or black which eventually rested on zero or gives a zero result is allowed in European roulette which give room for winning chances.

4.The call bet that is made available in European wheel is of a great advantage to the player.

5.European roulette has a higher winning probabilities.

From the aforementioned differences and benefits, it can be deduce that playing European roulette pays better than American roulette so if you are in a great doubt by now all your doubt and illusion about which of the roulette to be played is cleared, but you still wonder why some people still play American roulette after knowing this? It just because at times the only available wheel is American wheel, at times it due to lack of adequate information about the different wheel in roulette and at time is due to patriotism which brings about sentiment, I am an American why can I play on American wheel? But if you are looking for fun and profit at the same time then you will put sentiment aside and face the facts about succeeding in the game of roulette.

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