November 18th, 2016

Every game is the pure combination of skill and chances. And that chance is often called as luck. But, we forget that nothing but the probability which is same for all. Allowing the discussion to be framed as a dual choice between chance or skill is always going to be a loss for poker advocates because there will always be substantial elements of chance that even the dimmest opponents of the game will be able to readily cite. Let’s what we, fun88 have for you in today’s discussion.

Another reason pouring up: There is nothing particular about the game-POKER. Is it a single hand?  A series of hands?  A tournament setting up with a determined end? According to what definition we choose, a “game” of poker will fall at very different points on the skill-luck dual factor.

Poker being the spectacular game, it’s not traditionally the most engaging thing to watch. I realized that a few years ago when I visited a casino, I can’t name due to some confidential issue. But, cherry is it wasn’t as interesting as I was dying to watch. Nothing happens – you see lots of people especially rich ones insist on wearing sunglasses in a room, doesn’t matter it’s day or night, some cards and chips moving around a table, and occasionally someone being banished with a weird look on their face, because they no longer have any chips in front of them at that particular time. And that’s the end point for him. So, it’s the time when you think around the world but won’t understand what is happening until or unless you sit there to play.

Coming back to the game, there is an element of luck(we prefer to call) such as what cards you get dealt, what the flop, turn and river show amongst other things. Being a game of people, poker is a game that cannot be played all alone, it means you are basically competing with other people in the group. And since everyone has an equal probability of getting any hand, and the flop, turn, and river are the communal cards which mean that all players essentially face the same probability and are competing purely on skill. But, we still love to call it LUCK, that’s human nature.

A similar story can be said for other sports in the game, value betting, value-raising, bluffing (the most important factor) etc . And you can see how the most skilled player will make more money in the long-run. So, forgetting the fact of calling it luck game, learn to say it as the binary combination of luck and skills. And I believe in “Luck meets where skills are present.” Try and learn and play poker. That was all for today from us, fun88, the best company of Entertainment online casinos.


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